Wednesday 6 February 2013

Connectify vs Virtual WiFi Router vs Connec8

Here is a simple comparison between Connectify, Virtual WiFi Router and Connec8. See which application suits you best.

I agree that the UI of both connectify and Virtual WiFi Router 2 is much better than command line interface of Connec8. I have used both connectify lite and Virtual WiFi Router 2. However Connec8 is the one that ticks all boxes for me

Remember that connectify pro is still the best application out there if you are looking for some serious hotspot solution. Their Lite version is cool. It however lacks the ability to share Internet from 3G/4G cards which is a very important feature at least for me.

*the comparison is for illustrative purpose only. We don't want to defame any competitive product

Tuesday 5 February 2013

Introducing Connec8: Download Beta 1

Ever wondered about sharing your high speed desktop/laptop connection with your smartphone or tablets? Connec8 makes it possible. It is a simple utility written in shell script and uses CMD netsh command to create WiFi hotspots with or without internet sharing.

Connec8 is still in early stages of development. If you find any bugs, report in comments section. Thank you!

What makes Connec8 special?

  1. Free!!!
  2. Very light. Under 2 mb
  3. Portable - No installation or uninstallation needed
  4. Won't slow down your PC. 
  5. Easy to operate. There are no menus, check-boxes etc etc. Just punt in your hotspot name and password and you are ready to go
  6. Uses Microsoft Virtual WiFi technology so you can even share your Wifi connection
  7. Very Secure - Uses WPA2-PSK protocol. Very hard to crack
  8. Fully compatible with Windows 8

Why I made Connec8?

First of all I am not a developer. I am an end user who recently upgraded his laptop to Windows 8. I find it very awesome. However there are a few missing things. One of them is the ability to create ad hoc networks. Ad hoc networks can be created in Windows 7 easily using Network and Connections settings under control panel. This feature is missing is Windows 8. So every time I had to create an ad hoc network for playing counter strike over LAN or share my laptop connection with my phone I had to run command prompt and type in a couple of commands. I tried to automate this process and Connec8 was born!!

Download connec8

Happy Sharing!!!