Tuesday 5 February 2013

Introducing Connec8: Download Beta 1

Ever wondered about sharing your high speed desktop/laptop connection with your smartphone or tablets? Connec8 makes it possible. It is a simple utility written in shell script and uses CMD netsh command to create WiFi hotspots with or without internet sharing.

Connec8 is still in early stages of development. If you find any bugs, report in comments section. Thank you!

What makes Connec8 special?

  1. Free!!!
  2. Very light. Under 2 mb
  3. Portable - No installation or uninstallation needed
  4. Won't slow down your PC. 
  5. Easy to operate. There are no menus, check-boxes etc etc. Just punt in your hotspot name and password and you are ready to go
  6. Uses Microsoft Virtual WiFi technology so you can even share your Wifi connection
  7. Very Secure - Uses WPA2-PSK protocol. Very hard to crack
  8. Fully compatible with Windows 8

Why I made Connec8?

First of all I am not a developer. I am an end user who recently upgraded his laptop to Windows 8. I find it very awesome. However there are a few missing things. One of them is the ability to create ad hoc networks. Ad hoc networks can be created in Windows 7 easily using Network and Connections settings under control panel. This feature is missing is Windows 8. So every time I had to create an ad hoc network for playing counter strike over LAN or share my laptop connection with my phone I had to run command prompt and type in a couple of commands. I tried to automate this process and Connec8 was born!!

Download connec8

Happy Sharing!!!


  1. hey brother i followed all steps i.e netsh wlan setup hostednetwork process but network is enabled in my laptop but not connecting wifi in phone. not in my in phone ,i tested my frnds phones also but not wifi connecting. The above process done in windows 7 all are done successfully and net is sharing through wifi in phone successfully. so why not in windows 8? please solve my problem sir, please reply to me my mail id is bvsn.1983@gmail.com

  2. Is there a way to change the channel number? There a bunch of wifi networks already on ch-11 here.

  3. Hi friend.

    I have checked both in Windows 7 and Windows 8 aiming at sharing wireless (wifi) connection of the PC1 to PC2.
    However, it seams that the PC1 could not assign an approriate IP address to PC2 (IP address of PC2 was which is a local-link address assigned by Windows). As a result, I could not ping from PC2 to PC1. And of course I could not access to the Internet from PC2.

    Thank you very much.

  4. I have some trouble running connectify in Win8. Good job with this :D

  5. this app don't work my conputer..pls help to me

  6. Hello bro.
    Good Job.
    I already made a script for it, but u made it better in terms of running as administrator.
    BTW this program is to make access point, not ad-hoc, because they are different things.
    I hope u can update it so it can save the access point name and the password.
    Good Luck.

  7. nice program i use it regulary. could you host the batch file too, so i can adjust it myself to store my favorite settings? or release next version plz :)

  8. I rightclick and run as administrator and it tells me (error administrator privileges required). I'm running Windows 7 32bit

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  10. Authentication problem brother what to do?

  11. Hi, i am not able to create a wifi hotspot in BSNL dialup connection using iball 3g usb modem. can you help?

  12. Hi Prashant,

    Many thanks for this application, this works very well for me.
    I've only tried on 1 device with 3G connectivity, so far so good for me.
    (Though I'm confused on the first time)

    Thanks again !!!

    PS. If you want to make a GUI for this, I'd like to help

  13. ip adress obtaining loop problem

  14. Thank you so much! Works great!

  15. Is it possible to make a batch file for quick launch with certain settings?

  16. Thank you very much!!!

  17. Another similar program which does the work! BTW great work Prashant. link

  18. Nice Programme

    Made in which language ??

    C or C++ ??

  19. Good work Prashant. Guys Turn on your firewall serviceusing start-Run-services.msc . & then go to your internet Lan adapter- right click- properties- sharing- share connection & from below drop down list select wireless adapter 2. apply ok. & you are all set.


    Aniruddha Jayakar.

  20. bro i successfully created wifi and conected to my andriod cel. but problem is that there is no data from my evo 3g.i have windows 8.1. please help me my email is usmanmehmood83@yahoo.com

    Usman Mehmood

  21. It says that it created an new ad-hoc connection but it didnt

  22. Hi Prashant, thanks for such a useful app, It has been my favorite since a couple of years. Now is there a way this can be made to run in the background after minimizing it?? or an inclusion as an update.

  23. cannot download the software... error with dropbox . com .. error 404!!